N Balachandran Professorship Lecture

2023 Kevin G. Shea, USA

How Pediatric Knee Dissections Have Changed My Approach to Surgery?

2022 Federico Canavese, France

“Pelvic Osteotomies: When Small is the New Big”

2018 George Thompson

“Early Onset Scoliosis – Where Are We At In 2018?”

2017 Kerr Graham, Australia

“Form And Function In The Child’s Foot”

2016 Deborah Eastwood, UK

The Hip in Transition

2015 Vincent Mosca, USA Principles of Assessment and Management of Musculoskeletal Deformities
2014 In Ho Choi, Korea Lecture – Commitment to Excellence: Orthopaedic Professionalism Turning Expectations of Quality into Reality [view]
2013 Alain Dimeglio, France Clubfoot: A Philosophy of Pediatric Orthopaedia
2012 Kaye E Wilkins Be Sure to have Skills in Addition to Your Scars
2011 Tony Herring, USA What it Means to be a Surgeon
2010 Dennis Wenger, USA Will Your Child Live to be 100? – Evolving Technology and Risk – Benefit Issues in Attempting Musculoskeletal Perfection
2009 Carl Stanitski 50 Years of Paediatric Sports
2008 Stuart Weinstein (Inaugural), USA Role of Natural History Studies in the Advancement of Paediatric Orthopaedics