N Balachandran Professorship Lecture

2016 Deborah Eastwood, UK

The Hip in Transition

2015 Vincent Mosca, USA Principles of Assessment and Management of Musculoskeletal Deformities
2014 In Ho Choi, Korea Lecture – Commitment to Excellence: Orthopaedic Professionalism Turning Expectations of Quality into Reality [view]
2013 Alain Dimeglio, France Clubfoot: A Philosophy of Pediatric Orthopaedia
2012 Kaye E Wilkins Be Sure to have Skills in Addition to Your Scars
2011 Tony Herring, USA What it Means to be a Surgeon
2010 Dennis Wenger, USA Will Your Child Live to be 100? – Evolving Technology and Risk – Benefit Issues in Attempting Musculoskeletal Perfection
2009 Carl Stanitski 50 Years of Paediatric Sports
2008 Stuart Weinstein (Inaugural), USA Role of Natural History Studies in the Advancement of Paediatric Orthopaedics